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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mayor Hagedorn

Mayor Hagedorn is well known around the world as the
protective floodgate” of the environment and natural resources in Palawan,
including the rain forests, the mangrove forests and the coral reefs.
Edward S. Hagedorn
He is often termed as the ‘Philipino Al Gore’.
Former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Prize laureate Al Gore with Mayor Hagedorn during his visit in Manila - June 8 2010.
Both Al Gore and Mayor Hagedorn are recipients of the United Nations Global 500 award.
Yet, it should be bear in mind that protecting the environment in North America, Europe and Australia, is not as tough task as in the rest of the world!
The destructive forces in developing countries are very powerful,
and the leader of nature protection needs you!
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hagedorn Following in Al Gore's Environmental Footsteps

Hagedorn Following in Al Gore's Environmental Footsteps

Mayor Edward Hadgedorn is follwing in Al Gore's environmental awarness footsteps. Following Al Gore is not an easy path [official Gore site]. Al Gore himslef did not choose an easy path. After suffering one of the most contentious and embarrasing presidential ellection loss, Gore could have chosen the quiet life of a retired US vice president. But he did not choose to retire quietly in Tennessee. He set out to change the world's awareness of global warming. He chose to help the people of the world become aware and responsible global environmental citizens. He first set out to speak to whomever will listen. He quietly and diligently lectured tens of thousands of American college students. Gradually he developed a clear, convincing story of global warming impact on our environment. Next he made a movie and wrote a book, mostly pictures and charts, much like his presentation. The story of global warming is not a hard one to tell. Until Al Gore came along, it was hidden in remote glaciars and academic scientists' file cabinets.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

President Bill Clinton Earth Day Interview: Smart Advice for Mayor Hagedron

President Bill Clinton speaks about the American issues in ecology and economy related to his green initiatives. While the US is leading in developing solutions for difficult environmental issues, Clinton's interview can be a lesson to undeveloped regions. The US has developed many great things, but in the rush to become more modern and advanced the environment suffered. This situation is seen time and time again all around the world. President Clinton is joining his former vice-president Al Gore in promoting environmental awareness. In Palawan, there is an opportunity to learn from the US and not lose out on the opportunity to develop in an environmentally responsible manner.

Bill Clinton's description of green buildings is an example of what can be done right from the beginning. Building in an environmentally responsible manner, from lighting, insulation and basic materials, is an important issue to address. The development of Eco-tourism in Palawan can use modern ecologically friendly building standards. Here is an opportunity not only to created better buildings and less impact on the environment, to lead in showing eco-tourists what can be done. Some will actually prefer and enjoy the experience of ecologically responsible building design and construction.

In Puorto Princesa City, Mayor Hagerdron has promoted electric tricycles as a main form of transportation. President Clinton mentioned his use of a hybrid minivan. Here the two leaders clearly see their ability to promote more responsible use of green transportation. Clinton worries about the state of battery technology, and his concern is important. But his concern is a good one. The shift to hybrid and electric vehicles is going to push for better technical and operational solutions. By using batteries instead of gasoline and diesel, battery designers and recycling operators an incentive to find innovative solutions.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is Eco-Tourism Just Getting Started? or Spiraling Slowly Down? New Niche for Tourists.

Ecotourism has not become the big business originally hoped for. The idea of ecotourism started when South American and Caribbean environmentalists wanted to entice locals to cut down less trees and instead preserve their environment. The attempt is working in some places like Costa Rica, but not in remote locations like the Brazilian Amazon or the rain forests of central America. If a resort is too remote or difficult to access, it does not attract enough visitors or attention. The environmental movement and awareness of native undeveloped environments have gone through ups and downs since the ecotourism idea was started. This is one reason for the low interest in ecotourism today. The idea simply peaked, so what's now? Focus on other environmental issues like global warming instead of preservation of natural environments, mostly rain forests, is a major factor in lower interest in ecotourism. Other factors such as the global economic downturn, emphasis on local tourism to reduce travel costs, increase in green-energy development and other environmental messages are getting more media attention. Environmental issues have their time in the public's attention, then they die. Ecotourism's media peak may have past us, but the phenomena itself may be in for better days. Now there is less news and more action.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No mining policy

THE CITY government of Puerto Princesa is reiterating that its “no mining” policy still prevails and it is not approving any “large scale mining” application despite the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) pronouncement that it is in total contrast with the national government’s mining industry direction.

Politically correct is environmentally correct!

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Supporting and promoting indigenous tribes

Mayor Hagedorn - Supporting and promoting indigenous people

The Philippine government succeeded in establishing a number of protected for tribal groups.

Indigenous people were expected to speak their native language, dress in their traditional tribal clothing, live in houses constructed of natural materials 

They are using traditional architectural designs and celebrate their traditional ceremonies of propitiation of spirits believed to be inhabiting their environment.

They are also encouraged to re-establish their traditional authority structure in which, as in indigenous society were governed by chieftains known as Rajah and Datu.

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Underground River

Mayor Hagedorn
The man who has brought the Underground River to the awareness of the world 

Underground River
Underground River  - one of the “new 7 world wonders”.
Puerto Princesa
The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
 Is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa
Palawan, Philippines.

It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km.
Navigable underground river
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